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SweetLeaf Product Review

I’m back! With nationals, finals, and the move back home, I was not able to keep up with posts as much as I would have liked to, but I’m back now! Ever since I got home, I’ve been hooked on tea. There’s so many flavors and it’s amazing hot or iced, no wonder it’s been my go to drink! I am always looking for a sweetener that will give me the extra sweetness without a ton of sugar, so you can probably imagine how happy I was to receive this package from SweetLeaf.  First, I want to thank SweetLeaf for sending me your products to review, it was very generous of you!

The package came with two Sweet Drops bottles of coconut and one of vanilla, mini samples of hazelnut, coconut, watermelon, and flavorless stevia, and Water Drops, a raspberry lemonade water enhancer. These bottles have FIFTY servings in each, so each one will last you a long time. They are in perfect little containers, convenient for stashing in a bag or purse on the go. I have to admit that I was skeptical when I first tried them as I am not a fan of the “typical” stevia aftertaste found in many products. One of the bottles claimed that these products are made with the “world’s best stevia”, so I gave it a go.

Y’all this company is NOT LYING when they say this is the world’s best stevia. These sweeteners are so sweet, a little bit goes a long way. There is absolutely NO aftertaste, and the flavors all taste very natural.

The first flavor I tried was the Coconut Sweet Drops. I love coconut, and I am picky about coconut flavored things. This sweetener is SO GOOD.

I use it in my Greek yogurt every time I have some, and it gives me the perfect amount of sweetness and extra burst of natural tropical flavor. I only used a little squirt, so I know these bottles will last me a long time. The ingredient list on this product is short: glycerin, purified water, natural flavors, stevia leaf extract, and water soluble dietary fiber.

Next, I tried the vanilla flavor. I decided to use it in my Cotton Candy flavored tea, and it was INCREDIBLE. The sweetness was perfect, and the vanilla flavor was a subtle yet present complement to my tea. The ingredient list is the same as above, simple and natural. This vanilla is also a favorite in my household for baking, my little brother always begs me to make him a mug cake from Chocolate Covered Katie’s website. The first time I made it, he was shocked that the recipe had no sugar! These sweeteners can be used in almost any recipe, and no one will be able to guess that no granulated sugar was involved.

Finally, I tried the raspberry lemonade Water Drops. I only drink water and tea, but sometimes my water can get boring. I squeezed a serving of the Water Drops into my water bottle, shook it up, and took a big sip.

This water enhancer tastes EXACTLY like the raspberry lemonade I remember making as a kid for lemonade stands, minus all of the sugar. The flavors were natural and one did not overpower the other. I downed the whole water bottle and couldn’t wait to drink more. One of my friends at school has a hard time remembering to drink water, so I had her use this enhancer to make it a more exciting experience. This product would be perfect for someone who wants encouragement to drink water or wants a healthy way to give a fun drink to their family and friends.

Overall, I am very impressed with SweetLeaf’s products and can say that this will be my new go to sweetener. Delicious in everything from baking to tea, I encourage you to try some! Their website can be found here, check it out! Their customer service is also very fast and their team of workers is always a joy to communicate with. Go out and have a great summer day, I’ll be here sipping my vanilla sweetened ice tea 😃 

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