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East Bali Cashews Review (and Discount Code!) 

Every now and then I’ve come across a product that completely blows me away. Today, this product came all the way from the country of Bali. 80% of cashews grown in Bali are shipped overseas for processing, so East Bali Cashews decided to place their processing facility right in the center of cashew growth. This company’s mission is simple: improve the lives of those living alongside them in Bali. Their website states that they strive to improve the lives of the surrounding community by providing an additional source of income, empowering women through employment and education, and teaching farmers to improve their soil and maximize their production. Combining this mission with their incredible cashews makes a product that you can purchase knowing you’re making a difference in the world while treating yourself.

East Bali Cashews uses natural, locally sourced ingredients. No additives or preservatives are used, and the ingredient lists are simple and small. The cashews are GMO-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan. All of the varieties tasted extremely fresh.

East Bali Cashews sent me a package with samples of each of their flavors. The cashews came in resealable packages to make for quick and easy snacking. They come in convenient sizes that are easy to pop in a backpack, purse, or car for on-the-go snacking. The five cashew flavors I received were Native, Sea Salt, Sesame Ginger, Cacao, and Chili Crunch.

The first flavor I tried was Native. These cashews are left in their natural skin to provide extra crunch and flavor. They’re lightly salted and absolutely delicious. The only ingredients are cashew nuts with skin and sea salt, making this snack the closest to nature you can get. This variety is clean and paleo, so it will suit any dietary guidelines.

The first thing I noticed about these cashews was their size. These are MASSIVE. They have the perfect crunch and the skin provides a crisp texture. The salt is a delicate addition, making these the perfect snack for someone who is not a fan of salty flavor.

The next flavor I tried was Sea Salt. Made with cashews, coconut oil, and sea salt, these cashews are simple and flavorful. Paleo and clean, they are also suitable for a variety of lifestyles.

These delicious cashews are sprinkled with sea salt to further enhance the flavor of the nut. They have the perfect texture and flavor.

The Sea Salt Cashews have an incredible flavor. These are the perfect snack for those who are looking for a simple treat.

Next, I tried the Sesame Ginger Cashews. These are made with cashew nuts, cane sugar, sesame seeds, ginger, honey, and sea salt.

The Sesame Ginger Cashews were definitely one of my top two favorites out of this bunch. All of these flavors mix together perfectly, one doesn’t overpower the other. The ginger is the first taste that I noticed, followed by the sweetness of the honey and the subtle sesame.

The Sesame Ginger Cashews had an incredible texture, too. The honey and sesame seeds added an extra crunch on the outside. These are the perfect snack for someone looking for creative flavor, and I believe they would also make a great salad topping.

This next flavor was my other favorite, Cacao. These cashews take a healthy twist on a classic chocolate covered nut, with a thin dusting of pure cacao powder to satisfy any chocolate craving. The Cacao Cashews are made with cashew nuts, cane sugar, dark cocoa powder, and sea salt. The cashews are rolled in cacao powder sprinkled with a pinch of cane sugar to balance out the sharp flavor of cacao.

This combination creates a satisfying blend of cacao flavors to complement the natural taste of the cashews. I thought that these might be messy, but the cacao powder is on the cashews in a perfectly thin layer that will not stick to your fingers or make a mess.

Because cacao tends to be bitter, I was very impressed at the combination of flavors that East Bali Cashews used to contradict the bitterness and create a perfectly light chocolate flavor. This variety would be perfect on top of yogurt or just as a snack to satisfy a chocolate craving.

Finally, the last flavor I sampled was the Chili Crunch. This variety is made with cashew nuts, cane sugar, onion, sea salt, chili powder, lime juice, ginger, Kaffir lime peel, turmeric, coriander, and lemongrass. These natural ingredients come together to deliver a delicious flavor with a spicy kick.

These are not overwhelmingly spicy, but they provide enough of a kick to be an entertaining snack. The lime juice and peel are zesty additions that work well with the spice of the chili powder.

When I opened the bag, I could see all of the ingredients used. East Bali Cashews’ use of simple ingredients creates flavors that you can see in addition to taste. The texture of these cashews was great, they were deliciously crunchy with the seasoned coating on the outside. These would make a great “pick-me-up” during the day when you are looking for a snack with a little kick.

I absolutely loved these cashews, and I’m sure you will too! To purchase these products, look for them on Amazon and use code “COCOKILO” to receive 10% off any East Bali Cashews product. For more information about how the cashews are made and this company’s mission, visit their website.

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