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Artisan Tropic Review

Hello everyone! Today I’m reviewing Artisan Tropic products. Artisan Tropic sent me a package filled with a variety of snacks and a very nice note that made my day.

When I visited Artisan Tropic’s website, I learned about their background. This family-owned company began after the owner’s youngest daughter became very sick. After drastic dietary changes, she was able to recover. As a result, her family made it their mission to create a brand of healthy snacks to fuel your body and provide whole food nutrition. This lead to their wide range of delicious products that serve as healthy alternatives to traditional snacks.

In this package, they sent me four different flavors of their Plantain Strips and one bag of the Cassava Strips. First, I sampled the Plantain Strips. These strips are paleo, vegan, and Non-GMO. No preservatives are used to falsely keep these products fresh, so you get a genuinely fresh taste in every bag. All plantain strips contain only three ingredients or less.

I first tried the Cinnamon Plantain Strips.   These strips are made with plantains, palm oil, and ground cinnamon.

The flavor of these Plantain Strips was phenomenal. The spiciness of the cinnamon balanced perfectly with the natural sweetness of the plantains. The light cinnamon taste provides just the right amount of spice without overpowering the natural plantain flavor.

These chips were crisp and crunchy, packing a satisfying bite. The plantain chips are also thick enough to use in a dip or crumble on top of ice cream for an added texture. These are a great clean and paleo snack to enjoy as part of a dish or on their own.

Next, I tried the Naturally Sweet Plantain Strips. These are made with two ingredients: palm oil and plantains.

I always considered the plantain to be a somewhat bitter fruit, but my mind was changed instantly after trying these chips. The mere addition of palm oil allows the plantain’s natural flavor and sweetness to shine through.

The sweetness was subtle enough to enjoy at anytime of day but strong enough to crush any candy craving. These were cooked to crispy perfection, boasting a thin and crunchy texture.

This next flavor was very similar to the Naturally Sweet Plantain Strips but aimed to satisfy salty snack cravings instead. The ingredient count moves up to a mere three with the addition of sea salt.

I would describe the flavor and texture as similar to a cross between a potato chip and a tortilla chip. With slightly more crunch than a potato chip and a higher nutritional value than both of its competitors, these Sea Salt Plantain Strips are the perfect alternative to common salty snacks.

Both paleo and clean, these strips can be subbed for potato or tortilla chips to help you devour your favorite dips. But like they say, you can never have just one potato chip, so be careful to not devour the whole bag right when you open it.

The last flavor of Plantain Strips that Artisan Tropic makes is Cayenne Pepper. Made with plantains, palm oil, sea salt, and ground cayenne pepper, these chips pack a spicy heat.

I was impressed to learn that the cayenne pepper did not overpower the plantain flavor, but rather used its sweetness to balance the heat.

These chips provided the same crunch and texture as the other varieties. Overall, I was very happy with the Plantain Stips product line, they are definitely a go-to for a nutritious snack.

Finally, I got to try the Cassava Strips from Artisan Tropic. Made from the cassava root vegetable, these strips are vegan, gluten free, and Non-GMO. Cassava also has amazing anti-inflammatory properties.

These strips are made with three ingredients: cassava, palm oil, and sea salt. While these were thinner than the Plantain Strips, they still provided the same powerful crunch.

The taste reminded me of a french fry, but without all of the oily mess that comes with. These chips were light and crisp, a great way to satisfy a french fry craving without the excess oil and additives. Just like Artisan Tropic’s other products, the natural flavor of the cassava is showcased in every bite of this crunchy snack.

These snacks were delicious. I am definitely going to incorporate these into my lifestyle, and I am grateful for the opportunity to sample and review them! Also, the customer service is fantastic, I was able to work with Maria who has kept in contact with me to ensure I received and was happy with her products.

Thank you for taking the time to read this review, definitely check out Artisan Tropic’s website to purchase any of these products!

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