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Chocolate Peppermint Brownie Energy Bars

Hello all! Today I have another energy bar recipe, Chocolate Peppermint Brownie.  Just like the Cookie Dough Energy bars, these are quick and easy to make.  Not to mention, they taste JUST like a mint chocolate brownie.  When Oh! Nuts sent me their ingredients to feature in my recipes, I wanted a recipe that would showcase the most ingredients in one item.  This recipe uses dates, walnuts, and pecans to create the brownie texture and is furthur enhanced with cocoa powder and pure peppermint extract.  This paleo, clean, and vegan recipe is the perfect on-the-go snack or dessert!  Packed with healthy fats, energy-filled carbohydrates, and some protein too, this is a great way to enjoy a healthy treat that tastes like a well-loved dessert.  I won’t make you wait any longer, here’s the how-to and the recipe!

As I mentioned above, this recipe uses five simple ingredients.  I used normal cocoa powder, but dark chocolate cocoa powder would taste amazing in this recipe too.  Make sure you use pure peppermint extract, the artificial stuff doesn’t taste nearly as good.


When you blend the nuts in the food processor, you have two options.  First, you can blend the nuts into a fine powder, as I did for this recipe.  If you want a bar with more of a crunch, pulse the nuts until they are broken into smaller pieces but not finely ground.


When adding the cocoa powder and peppermint extract, make sure you pulse the mixture a few times to prevent clumps of flavor in one area.  Next, add the dates and pulse until a dough is formed.  I would recommend trying the dough to make sure there is enough peppermint flavor for your liking.  I added a little more than the 1/2 tsp in the recipe, but I like a stronger mint flavor.  For a more subtle flavor, stick to the 1/2 tsp.

When I made this recipe the first time, I noticed that the mixure was oily from the nuts and the peppermint oil.  This is the part where some hands-on work comes in! Remove your dough from the food processor, form into a large ball, and place in a bowl.  Now, using your hands, squeeze and mold the dough ball to remove the extra oils.  They will drain into the bowl below, so continue to knead to dough until all of the excess oils are out.

Once the extra oils are removed, put the dough ball into a foil-lined pan.  Press the dough until it forms a large square.  You should be able to visualize eight bars being cut out of the square.


Looks delicious, right?

Refrigerate the bars for a half hour, or until they are firm.  This step makes it a LOT easier to cut the bars.  After they have set, remove the bars from the fridge, cut them up, and store in the fridge in individual baggies.


These bars are best when stored in the fridge, but you can always freeze them if you don’t plan on eating them all within a week or so.  Just make sure you thaw them in the fridge before eating.


Oh! Nuts has once again provided me with the best quality ingredients that I could ask for.  I am so thankful for their generous partnership with me, and I love using their products in my recipes! They are VERY reasonably priced, so if you are a college student like me or just looking to save some cash, check out their website for a variety of prices.  They also ship everything ASAP, I got my ingredients two days after forming our partnership!


Here is the recipe card, I hope you like it. As always, let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for me in the comments below, I look forward to hearing your feedback!

Chocolate Peppermint Brownie Energy Barsimg_5255

by Coconuts & Kilos


Makes eight servings


·       ¾ cup walnuts (I recommend these:

·       ¾ cup pecans (I recommend these:

·       1 cup pitted dates (I recommend these:

·       2 tbsp cocoa powder

·       ½ tsp pure peppermint extract


Soak dates in hot water for about two minutes, or until soft.  While dates are soaking, blend walnuts and pecans until a fine texture is achieved*.  When nuts are well blended, add cocoa powder and peppermint oil.  Pulse several times so the cocoa powder and peppermint oil are evenly distributed throughout.  After dates have soaked, massage them with your hands to ensure that they are soft enough to be well-blended.  Drain dates and dry well with a paper towel so no excess water is added to the dough.  Blend dates with the walnut, pecan, peppermint oil, and cocoa powder mixture until a dough is formed.  When the dough is fully combined, transfer to a separate bowl.  Hold dough above the bowl and squeeze mixture to remove excess oils.  Repeat until dough is a non-oily cookie dough texture.  Once oils are removed, transfer the dough to a pan lined with plastic wrap or tin foil. Flatten dough until you can visualize eight bars being cut.  Refrigerate for 30 minutes to solidify. After dough has chilled, remove and cut into eight bars.  Store each bar in the fridge in an individual baggie and enjoy 😊

*If a crunchy texture is desired, do not blend nuts into a powder.  Instead, pulse nuts until they have been broken up into small pieces, and continue with the recipe.

Nutrition Facts

8 servings

Amount Per Serving
Calories: 197
Total Fat: 13.8g
Total Carbohydrate: 20.1g
Protein: 3.2g



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