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You Fresh Naturals Review

Desserts are delicious.  When I was no longer able to eat the desserts that I once loved, I needed to find an alternative to fill the cookie dough and cake batter sized void in my heart.  You can probably imagine how excited I was when I opened a package from You Fresh Naturals that contained a Birthday Cake Coco-Nut Butter, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Muscle Frosting, and a Death by Chocolate Muscle Frosting.  I mean how could I not be excited, cookie dough, cake batter, chocolate, and protein!  First, I would like to thank You Fresh Naturals for generously sending me these products to sample.


These products are naturally sweetened, non-GMO, gluten-free, and have no preservatives or artifical ingredients.  I took notes on each product individually, so I will provide individual reviews of each product within each category.

The first product that I sampled was the Death by Chocolate Muscle Frosting.  When I opened the seal, I was initially met with a layer of white chocolate chips on top of a rich chocolate frosting.


I took my first bite and was pleasantly surprised.  Looking at the frosting, I had assumed that it would be very thick.  After my first bite, I discovered that it was very light and airy with a delicate grit to add texture.


The white chocolate chips added a smooth bite to each spoonful.  The taste was delicious, the chocolate flavor was rich but not overwhelmingly sweet.  Instead of having an insane amount of sugar commonly found in conventional frosting, the subtle sweetness in this Muscle Frosting allowed me to taste all of the different flavors at play.  There is a faint taste of protein, but it is easy to overlook when taking all of the other flavors into account.

You Fresh Naturals also sent me another one of their Muscle Frosting Flavors: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.  This flavor was also topped with a layer of chocolate chips directly under the seal.


When I first tried the chocolate chips, I was pleasantly surprised once again.  They were very light and delicately sweet.  I am a dark chocolate lover, and normally milk chocolate and even semisweet chocolate is too sweet for me, but this was not the case here.


After getting through the layer of chocolate chips, I was met with the same light and airy texture that the Death by Chocolate Muscle Frosting had.


The cookie dough texture was a lot more subtle than I had expected it to be, and the protein taste was slightly more prominent in this flavor.  While this won’t be an exact swap for the flavor in raw cookie dough, it was still very good.  The flavor was still excellent though, and the chocolate chips in every bite made it even better.

I decided to save the best for last, the Birthday Cake Coco-Nut Butter.  This nut butter was made by combining roasted cashew butter with You Fresh Natural’s homemade coconut butter.  They then added all natural ingredients to create the desired flavor.


Right when I peeled off the seal, I immediately noticed that this nut butter looks exactly like cake batter with all of the colorful sprinkles inside of it.  The texture was creamy and spreadable, mixing easily with a spoon.  Once I mixed all of the sprinkles around, I took my first spoonful.


I mean it when I say this stuff was PHENOMENAL.  While I didn’t taste any of the advertised birthday cake flavor, the combination of coconut and cashew made this nut butter delicious.  It was so creamy and filled with crunchy little sprinkles.  I never got the oily aftertaste that commonly follows some nut butters, and the texture of this one was spot-on. Well done You Fresh Naturals, you’ve earned a 10/10 on this one.

Thank you for reading this review, and check out You Fresh Naturals for these fantastic products! Once again I would like to thank them for sending samples, here is a link to their website to purchase these products and more:


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