Personal Posts

Who am I?

My name is Sam Bledsoe, and I am a student at the College of Charleston in South Carolina.  I am a member of the equestrian team, do crossfit, and run to stay active.  Downtown Charleston provides me with everything I need for my active lifestyle: a supportive gym with the best members and coaches out there (Pale Horse Crossfit –, great running paths with scenic views, and fellow fitness lovers who provide me with inspiration and motivation.

Food is one of my passions.  I eat clean, making sure that my meals are composed of fresh, nutritious foods.  I absolutely love (and I mean LOVE) fruit.

I enjoy the challenge of making new recipes and testing ideas in the kitchen.  Due to having many food intolerances, I was forced outside my comfort zone to find alternatives to my favorite treats.  I made it my goal to create healthier versions of my favorite foods that everyone can enjoy.

College has forced me to be creative when it comes to acquiring the nutrition I need to support my lifestyle while balancing practice, study hall, classes, and the gym.  After a first semester full of ridiculous portions of (seemingly) healthy foods, I made a change for the new year. I then discovered my saving grace: meal prepping.

Prepping meals allows me to spend my Sunday afternoons going to Costco (my absolute favorite place) and cooking my food for the week.  I make boxes for lunch and dinner that suit my macro plan and provide me with the energy I need to get through the day!

So stay tuned and follow me on my health journey filled with ponies, heavy weights, delicious recipes, and mouth-watering food pictures.

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